Highly customisable

You're not stuck with a standard configuration

  • Select which metrics contribute to the overall score
  • Set your own RAG thresholds for each metric
  • Specify the weighting of each metric towards the overall score
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Quick & Intuitive

Your time is important.

  • Just upload your schedule and get results in a few clicks.
  • Our user interface is intuitive, analyse and export your results in seconds.
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Drill-down to what matters

Keep and audit trail of your historic schedule health and watch it improve over time.

  • Drill-down to activity level for each metric
  • Easy data exports to the format you need
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Compare your projects

Want to know what's changed between projects?

  • Upload up to 6 schedules at any one time
  • Quickly see changes and trends
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Your friendly project controls toolkit, always by your side


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